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Start Banregio, S.A. de C.V., SOFOM, E.R., Banregio Grupo Financiero (hereinafter “Start Rent a Car”), with address located at Av. Pedro Ramírez Vázquez # 200, interior 12, Colonia Parque Corporativo Uccaly, C.P. 66278, San Pedro Garza García, Nuevo León, and with federal taxpayer registry ABS841019IK9, offers through this website (hereinafter the "Portal"), a digital platform through which Users (whose term is defined below), you can contact the company called Turismo Gargo, SA de C.V. (hereinafter the “Lessor”) to contract the rental of vehicles under the daily rental modality or as the commercially known as replacement car, the above in accordance with what is described below within these Terms and Conditions.

In order to allow you to carry out the operations established later within these terms, "Start Rent a Car" may collect, verify and, where appropriate, store the information provided by the User, always in accordance with what is established for such purposes. in the Privacy Notice of "Start Rent a Car" that you can consult in the "Portal".



At this time, the User accepts, acknowledges and expresses his total compliance with these Terms and Conditions, so he will be subject to them at all times. The use of the "Portal", as well as any service offered under it, implies the express acceptance by the User of everything established in these Terms and Conditions, as well as the Privacy Notice.

Despite the foregoing, in the event of not agreeing or not accepting these Terms and Conditions, the User must refrain from entering the "Portal", from accessing the information contained in it, as well as immediately refrain from the sole navigation in any of the sections that comprise it, having to close the page corresponding to the "Portal" in your browser.



For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions, we will generally refer to the User in the singular or plural, as the person who accesses, employs, obtains or provides information from the "Portal".

The User acknowledges that he meets the age of majority required in Mexico for the celebration of legal acts related to the leasing of vehicles offered through the "Portal".



"Start Rent a Car" warns the User that the "Portal" is only a tool that can be used to contact the “Lessor", and that the rental of the vehicles chosen in the "Portal" will be carried out at all times. by the "Lessor". By virtue of the foregoing, the User acknowledges and accepts that the final conditions to which the vehicle lease will be subject will be those established in the contracts that the User enters into with the “Lessor”. Therefore, any aspect related to the leasing of vehicles under the "Portal" must be attended exclusively between the "User" and "Lessor", for which the following contact information is designated, email: and phone number: 812-085-8199. "Start Rent a Car" does not assume any responsibility derived from the rental of the vehicles chosen in the "Portal".




In order to access to the functionalities contained within the "Portal", the User must exhaust the registration process established for such purposes by the "Portal" itself.

The User acknowledges and accepts that he will be solely responsible for ensuring that the information provided within the Portal is valid, complete and truthful, so it will be his obligation to keep it updated. By virtue of the foregoing, "Start Rent a Car" will not be responsible for any information that has been provided in an erroneous way or that is not updated.

The "Portal" may use various means and / or processes that allow confirming the information provided by the User, for which the User acknowledges that he must provide any documentation (for example proof of address), or additional information that is requested during the registration process.



The User must access the Portal through equipment, optical means or any other technology, automated data processing systems and telecommunications networks, which have secured and reliable internet access.

"Start Rent a Car" will not be responsible for the security of the equipment used by the User to access the "Portal", neither for the availability, accessibility or interruption of the secure internet service in the devices through which they have access, nor will it be responsible for damages or affectations that the User may suffer during the use of the "Portal" due to viruses (malware).

Additionally, the User acknowledges that "Start Rent a Car" is not responsible in the event that the User accesses the "Portal" outside the area with an internet connection, and as a result, data costs are charged or consumed when accessing said "Portal". By virtue of the foregoing, the User will be responsible for covering the charges that may be generated by these or other concepts of a similar nature.



Through the "Portal" the User may contact the "Lessor" to agree on the rental of any of the vehicles shown in the "Portal" under any of the following modalities, and always according to the availability indicated by the " Portal:

  • Daily Rent: These are the various pure rental programs that the "Lessor" has designed under the daily rent modality, and may include complementary services, as agreed between the User and the "Lessor" in the respective contracts.
  • Car Replacement: Access for Users to rent replacement cars in the event of partial and total losses, repairs and maintenance suffered by the vehicles owned by "Start Rent a Car" derived from the products that the User has entered into directly with "Start Rent a Car” by signing lease contracts under the modality of long-term pure lease and long-term financial lease.




Permitted Uses.

The content of the "Portal" can only be used by the User for their own benefit according to the activities allowed, as well as the uses authorized in these Terms and Conditions. By virtue of the foregoing, the User undertakes not to use, commercialize, reveal to third parties, distribute, give away, or in any other way dispose of the information contained in the "Portal" for purposes other than those established, nor may he exploit by himself or by an interposed person, either directly or indirectly.

Also, the User undertakes to use the content of the "Portal" in such a way that it does not violate the rules of use and coexistence on the Internet, the laws of the United Mexican States and the legislation in force in the place where the user is located at the time of use, good manners, the dignity of the person and the rights of third parties.

Responsibility of the User.

The User will be responsible for the aspects established below:

a. Accept these Terms and Conditions and navigate within the Portal according to what is established within them.

b. Review the Terms and conditions constantly in order to know the possible modifications that have been made within them.

c. Provide the necessary information required by the "Portal", in order to be able to use the functionalities it offers.

d. The origin of the resources and / or means used for the payment of the leases contacted through the Portal. The User accepts that the resources used are his property and proceed in a lawful manner.

e. Not to carry out transactions aimed at favoring or concealing illegal activities.


Responsibility of "Start Rent a Car".

"Start Rent a Car" in its capacity as owner and administrator of the "Portal", only makes available to the User a virtual space that allows him access to the Portal to the services offered by the "Lessor" in compliance with its social purpose and commercial activity. By virtue of the foregoing, "Start Rent a Car" informs you that it is not the owner of the vehicles offered for rental, nor does it have possession of them. Also, "Start Rent a Car" informs you that it does not intervene in the improvement of the operations carried out between the User and the "Lessor", nor in the conditions stipulated by the latter for such purposes, therefore "Start Rent a Car" in no case will it be responsible for the existence, quality, condition or integrity of the vehicles displayed on the" Portal ". By virtue of this, the User at this time exempts "Start Rent a Car" from any claim, damage, or injury that may arise as a result of the rental of the vehicles shown on the "Portal".

"Start Rent a Car" does not guarantee the User access and continued or uninterrupted use of the "Portal", since it may eventually be unavailable due to technical difficulties or internet failures, or for any other circumstance beyond "Start Rent a Car”, so the User may not claim any kind of responsibility from “Start Rent a Car” for such events. Despite the foregoing, "Start Rent a Car" will try to restore the functionality of the "Portal" as quickly as possible, according to the existing technological capabilities.


In the event of any suggestion or communication regarding the use of the Portal, the User must contact "Start Rent a Car" at any time by e-mail:

"Start Rent a Car" informs you that the claims and / or clarifications derived from the leasing of the vehicles shown in the "Portal" will be attended by the "Lessor" for which the User must contact said company at Through the email: or the telephone number: 81 2-085-8199 that the "Lessor" has enabled for such purposes.


The intellectual property rights regarding the content of the "Portal", the distinctive signs, its source code, as well as the rights to use and exploit them, including their disclosure, publication, reproduction, distribution and transformation, are the exclusive property of " Start Rent a Car”. By virtue of all the above, the User acknowledges that he may not disclose, publish, reproduce, distribute, transform or dispose in any way, the domain owned by "Start Rent a Car", or any material that is the result of its Intellectual Property.


"Start Rent a Car" may at any time modify the Terms and Conditions established in this document. Consequently, the User acknowledges and agrees to carefully read the Terms and Conditions each time he wishes to use the Portal. The User will be responsible in the event that "Start Rent a Car" has generated a modification to these Terms and Conditions, and the User has not consulted them before carrying out an operation within the Portal.


The User acknowledges and accepts that for the interpretation and fulfillment of these Terms and Conditions he expressly submits to the applicable laws and the jurisdiction of the competent courts of the state of Nuevo León.



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